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Custom Airstream Build-Outs, Airstream Restoration & Travel Trailer Renovation With a Modern Look and Feel

At Mountain Modern Airstream, we love the simplicity, ambiance, and ease that a contemporary design aesthetic can offer. That’s why we use our skills in intentional design to combine the vintage aura of an Airstream with the purposeful layout of a modern, tiny abode.


With every custom Airstream build-out, we approach it as if we were renovating a studio apartment. In other words, one of our main goals in remodeling an Airstream is to create a navigable space filled with chic simplicity. Whether this is your first Airstream remodel, or you already have experience in redesigning a travel trailer, you can trust us to keep functionality, comfort, and continuity in mind throughout the entire Airstream build-out process.

From Airstream sourcing and demolition, to Airstream design, construction, polishing, and more, we offer a full menu of custom Airstream renovation services. To learn more about everything we have to offer at Mountain Modern Airstream, check out our list of services or start a conversation with us about your dream Airstream build-out today!


Customize Your Airstream For Modern Tiny Living With Mountain Modern Airstream in Bend, Oregon

At Mountain Modern Airstream, we take vintage Airstream trailers and turn them into streamlined, modern tiny living spaces that inspire comfort and relaxation. Whether you’re midway through the customization of a vintage Airstream travel trailer and could use an infusion of expertise and insight, or you want help buying your first Airstream, Mountain Modern is here for you.

To discuss Airstream restoration plans, lay out costs, and set up a timeline for your dreamy modern travel trailer to take shape, get in touch with us via email or send us a note through our contact form.


Check Out The Mountain Modern Blog For Custom Travel Trailer Renovation Ideas & Airstream Inspiration

Are you thinking about building or remodeling an Airstream trailer? Let our Mountain Modern Airstream blog be your sage guide and go-to resource for custom Airstream restoration processes, material choices, Airstream design ideas, and more.


Designing an Electrical System for Your Off-Grid Camper

Almost every trailer we have built out has been setup for boondocking ie. off-grid use. When a client comes to us with the desire to use their trailer without being plugged into water, sewer, or electric, the first thing we ask them is for a list of appliances they want to run while boondocking. Certain appliances have a larger draw on your trailer's batteries - and these need to be kept in mind when building your electrical system. 


Airstream Heating Systems

There are a few different heating systems that we tend to turn to when doing Airstream renovations. When we are working with a client to decide which route they'd like to go, we use the following basic pros and cons...

Back in October '16 we were fabricating new interior skins for our first Airstream, Gilda. This was one of the most difficult tasks we took on, and we swore to ourselves we would never buy another Airstream that didn't already have walls (aka interior skins). But, low and behold, our first paid project was an Argosy that had make-shift walls and required new skins be made...

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