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Live Your Vintage Travel Trailer Dreams With Mountain Modern Airstream

Vintage Airstream Renovation & Remodel Services

Partial Airstream Renovation Build I: In order to last, a vintage travel trailer has got to have good bones. A Build I Partial Renovation includes gutting the trailer, frame restoration (removing rust from the frame, painting the frame with a rust preventative, and welding any areas of the frame that need repair), custom electrical, new plumbing, new insulation and new subfloor. We hand off a ready-to-build shell for you to complete.

Partial Airstream Renovation Build II: Once the structure of your Airstream is restored and sound, it's time for our custom Airstream renovation and interior remodeling services. A Build II Partial Renovation includes all interior elements from building cabinetry, walls and storage to installing appliances, fixtures and finishes. Mountain Modern works with you to make your vision a reality. You bring us a ready-to-build shell, and we take the project on from there. 

Full Airstream Renovation: In addition to helping you source your vintage Airstream trailer (unless you already have one!), here's where we'll bring all your custom travel trailer dreams to life. Together, we’ll cover everything from a shell-off Airstream restoration, to quality finishes and innovative interior remodel options, to space-conscious travel trailer bedroom ideas, Airstream bathroom plans, and more. Ready to get started? Contact us now and and let Mountain Modern tend to all the nuts and bolts of your full Airstream renovation and buildout. 


Full Airstream Renovation Pricing

There are a variety of factors that impact the price of your trailer renovation, including: the size of the trailer, the finishes you choose and how you intend to use it. Will the trailer be stationary? Will you be traveling from one RV site to the next, with access to full system hookups? Or do you want the flexibility to boondock, travel and stay off-grid while still utilizing all of your systems? 

Our pricing is done on a time + materials basis. Send us an email for more information ~

Let's Get The Conversation Started!


Send us some photos of your airstream/travel trailer.


Give us an idea of what you would like done.


Let us know where you are! We can come pick your trailer up, or you can bring it to us.
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