With most vintage Airstream renovation projects on the internet, we see the final product first (in all its glistening beauty), followed by some mid-construction photos of the actual Airstream renovation process. Even though renovating a vintage Airstream may look like just a few weeks of elbow grease and Home Depot trips, the truth is that renovating a vintage Airstream is no small feat. 


When you connect with the Mountain Modern team, as well as our full menu of custom Airstream renovation services, you get to design your dream Airstream travel trailer and bring it to life without having to put in all the hard labor.


To start the process of creating a functional, feel-good, and gorgeous Airstream of your own, take a look at our vintage Airstream renovation services below and then shoot us an email.

Live Your Vintage Travel Trailer Dreams With Mountain Modern Airstream

Vintage Airstream Renovation, Repair & Remodel Services

Vintage Airstream Sourcing: Searching for, locating, and then buying an Airstream is a craft all its own. Good thing we know how and where to look, as well as what to look for when it comes to buying a vintage Airstream travel trailer. Whether or not you choose to do your Airstream renovations through Mountain Modern, we’re here to help you buy the Airstream travel trailer that makes sense for you. 


Detailed Airstream Frame & Floor Repair: Every new Airstream build starts with a solid foundation. After your travel trailer has been gutted and stripped to the point where we can see what's underneath, we can begin your custom Airstream remodel accordingly. Whether you need help with frame repairs or specific floor repairs in your travel trailer, Mountain Modern has you covered with detailed Airstream frame and floor repair services.  


Custom Airstream Design & Layout: At Mountain Modern, we love bringing custom travel trailer dreams to life. Together, we’ll cover everything from custom Airstream flooring and innovative interior remodel options, to space-conscious travel trailer bedroom ideas, Airstream bathroom plans, and more. 

Quality Airstream Construction & Renovation: As one of the leading travel trailer remodeling companies in the Pacific Northwest, Mountain Modern is well-equipped to take on any and all vintage Airstream makeovers. When you work with our team of trusted professional fabricators, builders, and industry craftsmen, remodeling an Airstream according to your specific travel trailer goals is as simple and straightforward as it should be.


Professional Airstream Polishing: Our professional Airstream polishing services deliver a pristine shine to the exterior of your vintage travel trailer. Located on or near the west coast? Mountain Modern will travel to your location and put the sparkle back into your Airstream shell.

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