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Mountain Modern Airstream - The Who Behind Our Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration Company


Meet Anna and Damian. 


As a talented photographer, and the go-to person for design work, product sourcing, and day-to-day customer relations, Anna is half the hardworking engine of Mountain Modern Airstream. The other half is her partner Damian—an inventive fabricator, problem solver, researcher, and avid Vintage Airstream Podcast listener. Together with their growing team of Airstream renovation professionals, Anna and Damian are what make this vintage travel trailer restoration company one of the absolute best of its kind. 

In November of 2015, after thinking about buying an Airstream and scouring Craigslist for months…

Anna and Damian found just the right Airstream to make them say yes, let’s do this. It was a 1966 Airstream Overlander located on the Oregon Coast that had remained stationary for over seven years and was being used as a spare bedroom.


After driving eight hours to check out the old beauty, with little to no idea of what to look for when buying an Airstream, Anna and Damian used their AAA insurance to have their new Airstream trailer towed the 280 miles back to Bend, Oregon. By the end of the lengthy drive home, they had a vintage Airstream trailer (whom they named Gilda), a list of travel trailer renovation ideas, and a long road ahead.   

As the Golden Child of all the custom Airstream restoration projects yet to come for Mountain Modern, Gilda was special…

And so it was no wonder that she was greeted with 8 inches of snow the day after she arrived in Bend. With no way to fully prepare for what would lie ahead, Anna and Damian dove in.


With the help of the Airstream community, close friends, informative Airstream blogs, expert Youtube videos about renovating Airstreams, and the Vintage Airstream Podcast (which is now on heavy rotation in Damian's truck), Anna and Damian learned as much as they could about how to restore an old Airstream. 

Fast forward to present day…

Now Mountain Modern Airstream is one of the top vintage travel trailer restoration companies in the Pacific Northwest. And despite the countless hours of research, trial and error, and emotions that have accompanied their journey from buying their first Airstream to becoming one of the most trusted custom Airstream restoration companies around, Anna and Damian both agree that it’s been the experience of a lifetime.

As Mountain Modern Airstream continues to grow…

Anna and Damian look forward to buying more Airstream travel trailers, working with clients throughout the U.S., and creating the most charming, functional, and beautifully modern Airstream homes ever.





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