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Contact Mountain Modern Airstream in Bend, Oregon Today

Whether you want to buy a vintage travel trailer and dive into a custom Airstream rebuild right away, or you have an old Airstream beauty sitting in your side-yard that could use a little TLC, we would love to work with you. For everything from sourcing, purchasing, and designing your dream Airstream travel trailer, to seeing your modern travel trailer vision come to life, Mountain Modern is your trusted confidant and guide. 


To get a feel for our inspiring, high-quality work, explore our services in action, as well as find Airstream inspiration and ideas, check out our current and past projects, cruise our Mountain Modern blog, or visit us on Instagram.

Ready to make magic with Mountain Modern and get your Airstream renovated? We’re a Bend-based team, but we work with people throughout the U.S. and we’d love to consult, construct, or collaborate on an Airstream dream with you! To learn more, send us a message below, shoot us a line at (or a few, there's always a story...), or give us a ring at 541 241 2696.

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