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J. Andiamo : 1972 29' Airstream Ambassador

Our clients inherited this trailer from a late grandfather, Johnny who was a member of the AirForce and a Vietnam veteran. Johnny's work had him stationed around the world, from the Panama Canal Zone to Europe to Los Angeles. With his love for travel and adventure, he purchased this 70's Airstream and visited much of the Central and Western US, including Alaska, with his family. The other side of our client's family are first generation Italian-Americans and also share a passion to create family memories through travel. Andiamo means "here we go" in Italian. 

This trailer was named in honor of both families and their collective passion to travel, be together and experience the outdoors. Built to be their home on wheels for family trips, we wanted to modernize the Airstream for them so they could comfortably utilize it and preserve it for generations to come.


The Custom Airstream Renovation For J. Andiamo Included:


  • Custom white oak cabinets

  • New RV appliances 

  • Custom dinette with white oak table

  • Custom walnut desk with a multifunction table top

  • Two custom pantries

  • Custom bunk beds

  • Custom vanity and shower


For the finishing touches on J Andiamo, we installed quartz countertops and Naugahyde dinette cushions. As always, we sourced all of our high-quality reproduced vintage Airstream items from Vintage Trailer Supply.



  • ​Custom White Oak Vanity

  • Silestone Eternal Noir Quartz Countertop, Bench, and Custom Inlay Sink

  • Mirror

  • Custom stainless steel shower pan

  • Dometic Toilet



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