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The world of tile in the RV realm is huge. There is resin tile, peel & stick tile, mosaic tile, and individual tiles. So which one do you choose?! Well that all depends on the aesthetic look you're going for, the weight factor, the ease of installation, and the cost.

Peel and stick tile is going to be your easiest application, they apply like a giant sticker, and they are less expensive than real tile. As you can imagine, these large sticker tiles are also super light-weight, so if you're concerned about towing capacity or weight, this is probably your best bet.

Resin tile is slightly more difficult to find, and from what we've seen, they come in a limited variety of patterns and mosaics. You won't easily find resin tile in a simple, single-color mosaic. However, they are light-weight, flexible, and can offer a fun pop of color/visual texture to a space.

In the realm of 'real' tile, tiles that are purchased on a mesh backing can be pricier than individual tiles, however ease of installation is usually worth the difference in cost. These will be the heaviest tile option, but the look can't be beat. We suggest keeping your tile size around 1" wide/in diameter, and as thin as can be, around 1/8" thick if possible. This will lend for the most movement and flexibility while towing your airstream. Flexible grout is key here, Snapstone is just one of a few companies producing a flexible grout that will allow for a bit more movement between each tile.

There is something about seeing your tile in person. If you've got a local tile shop we recommend supporting local and making your purchases there. Do some pricing shopping first to make sure that their tile isn't 2x the cost of Home Depot.

If you want to get fancy with it, we love Fireclay Tile. All tile is handmade in California and they are constantly introducing new shapes and sizes. Their tile is also fairly thin, and they'll send you free samples so you can compare finishes and colors in the convenience of your own home.


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