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Concrete Countertops in an Airstream

We shared photos of Agnes the other day, and received a great deal of questions about the concrete countertops we put in this1983 31' vintage Airstream. We had never done concrete counters before, but our client requested them and we love a challenge!

A key thing we should note right away - we use house materials in our trailers quite often, and we always remind our clients that these materials are unconventional to put in a travel trailer, but we make modifications in the installation and application process to accommodate these conventional home materials in order to make time on the road feel as much like a house, like a home, as possible. All that being said, there is always a slight risk when using things like tile, concrete countertops, quartz countertops, etc. in a moving travel trailer.

Obviously concrete can be extremely heavy, and there is fear of it cracking with movement - so in order to reduce weight and to keep it thin

we used a piece of 1" plywood to create the overall thickness of the counters. We then applied multiple thin coats of Henry Feather Finish for our concrete look. Before sealing the concrete, we wet sanded until we received the appearance we wanted, then applied the Omega Concrete Countertop Sealer to protect and preserve these new counters.

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