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By Popular Demand : Painting

We've received a lot of questions lately as to how/what we painted the interior skins of the airstream with. It's a great question, and we spent a lot of time visiting paint stores and doing our own research online. Here's the scoop - for starters, the interior skins ie. walls of most airstreams is going to be aluminum. During the restoration process, it is possible to replace these aluminum panels with other materials, or rebuild them with new aluminum (blog post on that to come...).

For many of us, we've got aluminum interior skins and, as you can imagine, most paint won't hold well to this type of surface. We purchased a special primer from Sherwin Williams, offering an 'Extreme Bond' to a range of materials, including aluminum specifically. On top of that, we used a normal interior paint in a matte finish. We applied one coat of primer and one coat of paint using rollers. The end caps are made of fiber glass and with the funky angles and especially smooth finish, we brushed the primer and paint on the end caps.

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