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Dinette & Cushions

As you can imagine, with as small of a space as we have in our 26' airstream, every inch counts. So when we designed the dinette, we had to keep storage in mind. Each seat top has a very simple hole for lifting, so all five pieces can be opened to provide access to the space beneath the dinette. We plan to use these spaces for linens, and bedding when the dinette needs to be converted to a second sleeping area. The seat closest to the door will have a pull drawer instead of the lifting mechanism. This creates easy storage and access to tools we may need while setting up the airstream - such as flashlights, the trailer hitch lock, step stool, etc. The very front seat is hiding our fresh water tank, but has the same lift access for when it needs to be refilled.

We did a decent amount of research in regards to seat cushions. They're no stock item, with the curves and custom dimensions. We did find some online retailers that allow you to template your dinette, mail in your templates and they'll mail you back foam and cushion covers. However, we liked the idea of doing this part locally. So we took our seat tops to a cushion fabricator in town and had them template and cut the foam. Lucky for us, Damian's mom is an amazing sewer and offered to sew the cushion covers for us. We needed 11 yards (1 extra) of a faux-linen fabric from Etsy, keeping in mind that this will be easier to wash and show less wrinkles and wear than a real linen. We'll apply zippers to the back of each cover so we can wash them as often as needed.

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